What can marketers learn from game developers

People love to play. In chess, in Dotu, in the strip cards. Many pay money for the game, and then do not sleep at night, pumping character. Would you like to show such interest in your business? It's simple - make it look like a game. In this article we will talk about gamification - the use of game elements in non-game processes.

Where is the line between editing and taste? Confession chief editor

She is not. Each editor and customer creates his own chaos. But-oh ... you can identify internal criteria in order to evaluate all the content on the same principle. At least within one project. First, all the same about the chaos. How to understand that the article is good? Bonus - the terrible truth about your Central Asia Do not understand. Whatever may be said about the content aimed at Central Asia, each editor creates the product that is of interest to him personally.

What punctuation marks to put at the end of a headline

There are five punctuation marks that appear at the end of headings: period, exclamation and question marks, ellipsis and a colon. We will understand which of them and when it is worth using. Dot Until the 1930s, the dot at the end of the title was considered the norm, now it’s a blunder. In the "Corrector Reference" L.

Freewriting: how to overcome the writer's stupor

You have definitely encountered such a problem: you need to write an article, letter, report or technical task, and the words do not add up to sentences. You look at the white sheet of a text editor and squeeze out a few thoughts. Then you remember that you need to urgently look at Facebook or check your email.