What content is needed for an online store: a complete checklist with recommendations

What to write on the main page of the online store and in the product cards, how to clearly structure the structure, why you need a company blog - I have gathered in this article all the sacred knowledge about filling online shopping sites.

"If Nikanor Ivanovich's lips and Ivan Kuzmich were to be attached to his nose, but to take some swagger, like Baltazar Baltazarych, and, perhaps, add Ivan Pavlovich's prettiness to this - I would have immediately decided", - Agafya from Gogol's" Marriage "suffered from doubts. So it is with us: on one site - chic descriptions, on the other - professional quality blog articles, on the third - feedback and interactive. And all together in one online store - this is still a great rarity. Let's try to assemble a puzzle?

In the article I give links to other publications of our blog that intersect with this topic. Therefore, do not be afraid to follow the links in the text, they lead to other useful materials.

Home page

On the main page of the site, the rules are the same for everyone: sellers of auto parts and women's clothing, footballs and smartphones. We have already given examples of the design of the main pages. Let's see how this applies specifically to online stores.

There are two main ways to make a home: tell about the online store and give relevant information for the buyer.

Banner ads can lead to sales pages, certain product categories or any pages that you need to promote in search results. If you want to promote a blog - let's link to it, a new collection has been received - provide links to this page, seafood is not selling well - intrigue the reader with a recipe.

There are no universal rules: everyone decides what to put on the main one. It seems to me that the combination of the above techniques will be optimal: a short text "About Us", which will tell the new user where he has got, and advertising information that is relevant at the moment.

About company

Information about the company can be placed in a separate section of the menu, so as not to bore users. People come to the site to buy goods, and not to read the history of your brand. Therefore, it is better to give a place on the main one for selling banners or sales hits - it depends on what you need.

How to write the text "About the company" is described in our step-by-step guide. If besides the goods you offer services - excellent. Put it in a separate section. See how to create a page "Services" on the example of different business areas.


The conversion of the online store depends on how well the catalog is structured in the catalog. If the user gets to the desired card products for two or three clicks - great. For example, a person wants to order a kebab at home, makes two clicks: the category "Meat", the subcategory "Pork". If there are too many subcategories, the path to the desired product turns out to be too long and thorny - this is bad. There are other pitfalls - you can read about them in the article about typical errors in the catalogs of online stores.

In order for the user to find the necessary goods faster, develop a system of filters: by cost, gender and age of CA, brand name. Or run a search on the site that will give the desired results.


Often, online stores make separate pages, where they talk about sales hits at the moment. These are the products that are most in demand among buyers. For example, this season everyone is crazy about bikini swimsuits and banana-flavored smoothies. Put them in the hits section: people tend to give in to fashion, which means your sales will increase. If in addition and a discount to make - chances for purchase will increase even more.

New items

The section is more likely for regular and sophisticated customers who are not the first time looking into your store and are waiting for something new. These can be rare unusual goods, actual collections, goods that have been waiting for a long time. It is in your interest to announce in advance the arrival of new products in order to prepare users. If you place information about updates on the main page, the conversion of the page may increase significantly.

Sales, discounts, promotions

A cherished section where most users look in - I wonder what the discounts are today. Excitement is added to the desire to save money: what if it turns out to buy a cool thing for a penny! With the help of promotions and discounts you can not only attract buyers, but also significantly increase sales.

Sales section should not be limited to two or three products. Give the buyer a choice - lower prices on many items. In the end, you can slow down a ridiculous hundred rubles: a small discount is also a discount. From you will not lose, and the buyer is nice. Read about other secrets in the material "10 facts about discounts that you should know."

Online Store Blog

The main function of the blog is useful content and increasing loyalty of readers. If you publish really interesting author articles, and not a reprint from the Internet, trust in your brand is growing. At the same time, a blog can be an effective marketing weapon.

We have already given cool examples of design blogs companies - take, use. Why, there is - we have a cool list of ideas for a corporate blog, which is enough for a long time. Now consider a few common topics. If you work in another industry - you can take examples of the weaponry.

The blog of the online store of products is a real freedom for creativity. Publish unique recipes, conduct workshops, give tips on storing products, life hacking, how to save and cook for a thousand rubles lunch for a week.

Wonderful food blog. Pay attention to the number of tags and sections in the header

A fashion blog is a paradise for those who follow trends. Look for current topics, be the first to discuss new items, make a selection of photos from fashion shows, show clearly what to wear. Chic theme - making up sets of clothes for every day. Of course, from your store.

In a blog of an online electronics store, detailed reviews of products, compilation of tops and comparison of similar models by characteristics, for example, the top 10 best Chinese smartphones, will be appropriate. Do not be lazy to read and translate foreign articles - be an information leader.

Customer reviews

Man is a gregarious animal, when buying goods it is important for us to know what others think of him. If most of the reviews are negative - most likely, we will be reinsured and refuse to buy, even if we originally planned to make an order. And vice versa: good reviews from other people can tip the scales to a positive decision.

We have already written about how to inspire customers for reviews. Imagine that you have already received feedback - now you need to use feedback to promote

Terms of order

It is clear that everyone knows how to buy online and make orders between a cup of coffee and your favorite public in the social network. It is known that there are large “Buy” buttons on the product cards, which are hard to miss. And yet, the section "Order conditions" is better to make a separate block - for especially attentive and thoughtful.

In this block it is not enough to tell how to make a purchase. Eka nevidal - select a product and enter the card details. Order conditions are a contract, an agreement between you - the seller and the customer - buyer. In it, as in any contract, you specify the rights and obligations of the parties, register information about the goods, the procedure for their acquisition, pricing, methods of making a purchase, delivery methods, guarantees for the goods, the procedure for return.

FAQ, or Customer Help

Even if in other sections you explain in detail how to buy goods, issue a refund and how long the delivery lasts, it is better to make a block of questions and answers. As practice shows, few people read long agreements, but short FAQs come with a bang. It’s easy to make a list of them: tick off the questions most often asked to the manager by customers, and answer them in as much detail as possible. This will reduce the time spent by employees on conversations with customers.


We have already written how to creatively arrange the page "Contacts". The main thing that should be in the block is how to contact you: address, telephone, email, instant messengers. If your employees have different phone numbers and addresses, please indicate everything. If there are communities in social networks - clickable icons. The feedback form will also fit perfectly into this block.

The most important item in the "Contacts" section is maps where you can find the office of the company or the addresses of delivery points by city. The last is labor-intensive work, but just imagine how you make life easier for your clients!

bonus program

One of the ways to attract customers - bonuses, which are given with the purchase or activity on the site. Bonuses are given for the feedback left, the comment written in the blog, the attraction of other customers - referral marketing. They can be saved and used at the next purchase. Each store develops a bonus system on its own: as a rule, it does not differ from a similar system of offline stores.


Many sites, including online stores, develop a privacy policy. Does everybody need it? If you work with clients from EU countries, learn the new rules for working with personal data of Europeans. There are also niches in which data protection is a must. For example, few people want to shine a face in an online sex-goods store: a courier call or a letter to the post office can be an unpleasant surprise for colleagues or family members of the buyer. This means that the employees of the online store should take care of confidentiality: do not communicate order information to anyone except the client.

Packaging - a separate song. Who would like to get hum ... a device for pleasure in a package with screaming inscriptions?

In general, you understand: if you work with products that require personal data protection, it is better to include this item in the site menu.

Cards of goods

So we got to the most interesting: product cards and their design. It is here that the user reads the description and specifications, looks at photos and videos, price and reviews of other buyers.

Consider common topics: food, clothing, electronics, sports and children's products.

Product Descriptions

When I was preparing this article, I shoveled hundreds of online shopping sites. And you know what - two-thirds of them neglect good descriptions. Photos and specifications are present, but there is no description. Or there is, but extremely mean, faceless - about anything. Meanwhile, the verb, as we remember from the classics, you can burn the hearts of people, to motivate them to make a purchase. How to write a good selling text in the product card?

Description of products - generally a separate song. The one who reads them should salivate - write tasty, write juicy. It would seem that you can write about simple products - bread, meat, honey? Believe - you can. See how.

When describing technology, electronics and other gadgets, we focus not on emotionality, but on useful properties and characteristics, we describe them in as much detail as possible. It is important to write a good technical text here, and not a structured city ... with pictures.

Write as easy as possible, explain for dummies. Let the description be small - attach all the technical information separately, in the "Instructions" and "Characteristics" blocks.

Tips for describing sporting goods are similar to previous ones. Especially if it is not just about dumbbells and balls, but about technically more complex products: smart gadgets, exercise machines, prefab furniture and others.

Descriptions of children's products are focused on parents. Emphasize that you understand moms and dads and also care about the health and safety of babies. Speak their language, voice their problems and solutions.

If we are talking about products for older children - descriptions can be calculated on them.

Want more examples? We have them - look at the online shopping of a wide variety of topics.

Good descriptions will not write themselves. We'll have to attract specialists and work with copywriters. It is very important to give competent TK - without which, as you know, the result will be unpredictable.


This is a mandatory part of the product card: the product must be seen face. Whatever you sell, try to make a professional shooting: both simple photos of goods on a white background, and more lively shots with the participation of models. If accessories are attached to the product, they also need to be captured. And then the images need to be optimized for the site.

Let's see how to reveal the properties of the product and sell it using a photo. Here, for example, products. Show the texture: take a close-up, cut food, do not forget about the type of product in the package.

Photos of clothes are needed to show the goods from all sides: full-length, from the bottom, from the side, from the back, on the model. If there is a decor or jewelry - remove them separately close up.

Sports products are also better to show in action. Invite a professional model - hold a photo session. Let him put on sports leotards, pick up dumbbells, stand on rollers - there are lots of options. Unfortunately, this practice is not common. One or two photos - on this the owners of online stores are limited.

Photos of children's goods are not published for the child, but for parents. Show what is included in the kit, what the toy looks like in the package and without it. An additional incentive to purchase can be a photo of children with goods in their hands.

We got to the electronics. Take a regular smartphone and go: photo in a box, without a box, front, back and side view - to assess the dimensions, the location of the sockets and the camera, the photo of the toolbar and the desktop - to complete the picture. If there are additional accessories, we also do not forget about them.


Recently, online stores often publish videos: presentations of new clothing collections, a review of smartphone models, cooking, etc. This is, firstly, fashionable: more and more people sit down on videos, secondly, useful: in video You can voice the necessary information, clearly show how to exploit the product. And thirdly, no photo will convey a living impression of the product, as the video does.

The video can be ordered at the agency or create it yourself. They post videos both on the website itself and on other sites of the online store: YouTube channel or in social networks. In the previous example, I showed how the photos and videos peacefully coexist in one product card, complementing each other. Here is another example - a review of the pram on the website of the online store. Vividly, clearly, useful!

With the help of the video you can promote absolutely any category of goods. Take the products. The video will help to show the product in dynamics: slowly cutting oozing crispy meat, breaking lush bread with your hands, scooping up amber thick honey with a spoon ... Cooking food, tasting products on the air is also a great idea for shooting.

Online grocery store filmed several videos "Cooking with Easy Foods"

The Wildberries online clothing store has its own YouTube channel. In their videos - an overview of fashion trends, the purchase of fashion bloggers, master classes: everything that may be of interest to the target audience.

Sporting goods are an excellent target for video promotion. Remove reviews, instructions for use, real workouts using your products.

Video review of the Swedish wall of the online store "Thirst for Sport"

Additional functions

Pay attention to the interesting features: product recommendations services, feedback widgets, calculator, the ability to buy on credit directly on the site and others. This functionality attracts the attention of users, increases the transitions to other pages, increases the conversion and the average check.

Product recommendations

Special services analyze the user's behavior on the site: pages of products that he viewed, the time of studying each card, the history of previous orders, even pages in social networks. Based on these data, the system selects and offers a person products that may also please him.

There are more simple options. For example, on the website of women's clothing can be offered to a customer earrings to her purse, and a handbag to the dress - women will understand me. And now, together with the dress for 2 thousand rubles, the client picks up related products for 5000 - the fashionable look is ready.


Used in online stores, where it is necessary to make calculations before purchasing an order. For example, estimate how many rolls of wallpaper will be required for pasting a room or how many logs to buy for building a house. You can, of course, calculate everything on a smartphone or PC - but it’s much easier to do it right on the site. Если человек обнаружит на сайте калькулятор, ему не придется сворачивать вкладку и выходить с сайта - он останется с вами, и шансы на покупку увеличатся.

Покупка в кредит

The ability to buy goods on credit is relevant for online stores with a large average check. Putting a tidy sum for expensive gadgets, large household appliances, furniture is not for everyone. Many users see the price, remember the fable about the "green grapes" and leave the site back home. If you can buy on credit in your online store, this will incline many to make an order.

Feedback widgets

Callback buttons, pop-up windows, online chat dialogs are designed to communicate with customers. The consultant can give advice, motivate to buy, tell the terms of the order and delivery. Examine your audience, conduct a survey - which way is more convenient for them to communicate. Depending on the results, install the appropriate widget.

It is clear that all these widgets and services are not free. There are lots of offers on the digital digital market - type the name of the widget in the search engine and select the appropriate one. If you fail to install the widget yourself - invite a programmer, just do not forget to give him an intelligent TK.


"If Nikanor Ivanovich’s lips were to attach Ivan Kuzmich to the nose ...”, that is, of course, combine on one site cool descriptions, live reviews, interesting articles, high-quality photos and videos and useful chips — oh, what a sweet we would have ! Try it, you lose nothing. You can do it easier - contact the experts and make the online store work.

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