"Yandex" launched a rating, which hit 10,000 of the most popular Internet projects

On November 12, 2018, Yandex launched the Radar service - a rating of 10,000 Internet projects popular in Russia. It includes 13 types of projects:

  1. Aggregators
  2. Video
  3. Online stores
  4. Content Projects
  5. news
  6. Online Games
  7. Porn, erotica
  8. Portal
  9. Representations of businesses and organizations
  10. Services
  11. Communities
  12. Social networks
  13. Rates

They were selected from 27 topics:

  • Auto and Moto
  • Business
  • Household
  • Pets
  • Health, beauty, style
  • Culture and art
  • The medicine
  • The science
  • The property
  • Unknown
  • News and Media
  • Education
  • Industry and Agriculture
  • Travels
  • Work and career
  • Entertainment and recreation
  • Religion
  • Family and Children
  • Sport and active lifestyle
  • Reference Resources
  • Construction and repair
  • Technics and techology
  • Trade
  • Transport, transportation
  • Services
  • Finance
  • For adults (18+)

How does it work

Yandex.Radar automatically selects 10,000 Internet projects by the number of visits from Russia. That is, the ranking may be sites from the domain zones .ru and .rf, and from any other. One project includes all sites and pages hosted on the Internet under the same name. So money.yandex.ru, mail.yandex.ru and afisha.yandex.ru refer to the Yandex web project, but avto.ru, kinopoisk.ru and edadeal.ru are not, although they also belong to it.

The rating is based on data from the Yandex Browser, visual bookmarks, browser extensions, elements of Yandex and its other products. Therefore, the information is inaccurate:

The share of Yandex users in the audience of Internet projects is different. Therefore, to calculate attendance using machine learning, in each case, an own statistical model is created. It determines the range in which the real number of visitors of the resource for the selected report period is with high probability.

If desired, site owners can provide access to information from Metrics and AppMetrica so that Radar can calculate their position more accurately, but then the data will be available to anyone who wants to see them:

These "Metrics" allow you not only to calculate accurate indicators of project attendance, but also to supplement its statistics in the top with new indicators. For projects that have connected the data transmission from "Metrics", the columns "average time" and "daily audience" will be filled. In addition, such projects will be shown in ratings according to the characteristics of the audience - this is the region of Russia, the type of device, income level, gender and age.

To do this, you need to find your project in the rating, open the menu on the right and select the item "Show exact attendance values". On the page that opens, you can confirm your desire to provide information and log in to the "Metric":

On this occasion, the company Mail.ru has already spoken, stating that the objective situation is not reflected, and there is no point in transmitting data to competitors. The company also demanded to remove all their sites from the rating, including "VKontakte".

What gives a place in the ranking

Regarding what it will affect, one of the authors of our blog commented:

Yandex has released its rating - with BigData and statistical models. One of the differences from the usual ratings in runet like Liveinternet, the top Mail.ru and others is automatic data collection. The foreign analogue can be called alexa.com - this is the rating of the most visited sites all over the world and in different countries separately (samples by country are paid and cost money). Automatic data collection (through its services, such as Yandex.Browser, etc.) and statistical models allow you to include sites that do not participate in other ratings in the rating.

Even in its current form, this makes it possible to identify leaders in various niches and, with the help of other services, to model their promotion strategies and traffic sources.

The advantage for media projects that have fallen (or fall) in the rating is an independent expert appraisal by Yandex. Like, look - we are in the top 30 industry media, so advertising with us will cost x1.5 from the previous one. In addition, for the part of the projects, the "Average time", "Share of users of the application" and "Daily audience" are shown. These are important indicators for direct advertisers that show user engagement. This allows:

  • Indirectly compare sites without requesting data from the site administration.
  • Place your ad directly on undervalued sites.

TexTerra in the Yandex.Radar rating

In the ranking of representative offices of business and organizations, TexTerra currently occupies 268th place among all topics in October:

Gazprom is one line ahead of us, but there are a lot of laggards behind:

  • Nestle;
  • Xiaomi;
  • Lego;
  • Lexus;
  • Vnukovo Airport;
  • Domodedovo airport;
  • "Art. Lebedev Studio".

The data is updated on the 10th day of each month and displayed for the past period - in November you can see the information for October and so on.

Yandex did what had to be done a long time ago. Their service will definitely earn more lively than the ratings of sites on Liveinternet, top Mail, etc. This is because Yandex.Radar works with automatic data collection, which immediately increases the audience participating in the rating. How accurate the data collected in a similar way is a very controversial question at the moment. Definitely users of the service will be guided by the existing rating and, perhaps, it will make a decision on it. Therefore, if you want the data not to be underestimated, it is better to install counters and open statistics.

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