Migrating campaigns from Yandex.Direct to AdWords: an overview of all the pitfalls

A marketer, PPC specialist or entrepreneur who himself is engaged in online advertising, sooner or later the question arises of the transfer of campaigns:

  • From Yandex to a third-party system if you want to automate processes and / or receive certain bonuses (some platforms offer cashback from advertising expenses).
  • From one account to another - in the case when there is a change of contractor.
  • From "Direct" to AdWords (Ads). The reason may be the success of the current campaign, the growth of the advertising budget and the desire to reach a new audience. Especially mobile.

In this article, we just analyze the transfer of campaigns from Yandex.Direct to Google AdWords (now Ads). We explain how to do it quickly, conveniently and as accurately as possible.

In general, there are two ways: old school, where you have to work a lot with your hands, and modern - using a third-party service that does most of the work.

We explain the features of all variants of the transfer of campaigns and mention the pitfalls that may occur on the way.

Interesting? Then let's go!

Classic campaign migration from Yandex.Direct to Google AdWords (Ads)

Rewrite each ad from "Direct" in "Adwords" manually = waste valuable time. Moreover, such a path is suicide, if we are talking about hundreds or thousands of ads in the same e-commerce.

The classic solution to the problem is to move campaigns by uploading from Yandex.Direct (with or without Commander), intermediate processing in Excel and loading into AdWords Editor.

At first, it seems that once I spit, I unloaded the ex-ekselka from Yandex → ​​uploaded to Google → it’s done. In fact, not everything is so simple: it is quite a laborious and time-consuming task.

Take a look at the comparison chart: uploading from Yandex.Direct is not suitable for direct upload to AdWords.

Columns in the file unloaded from "Direct"

Columns in a file downloaded from AdWords

Add. group announcement


Ad type


Mobile ad


Group id

Budget period

Group name

Campaign Type

Group number


Few hits status


Campaign type

Bid strategy type

Campaign ID (Local)

Bid Strategy Name

That is, we need an intermediate template (such as this) into which you need to selectively copy data from the Yandex.Direct download. In the future, this transit file is imported into the Ads Editor in whole or in separate columns.

Naturally, in the process of all this complex manual monotonous work, it is easy to forget that:

  • In Google Advertising and Yandex.Direct, there are different types of matches..

So, for example, you need to massively change spaces for spaces with a plus, otherwise ads in Ads will be shown for all possible queries related to the keyword in one way or another. That is, by synonyms, word forms, and phrases with errors.

Such impressions mainly lead to untargeted traffic.

Google Ads Keyword

Impressions may be requested

online store of organic products

eco product shop

organic food store

organic products

  • Negative words work differently.

You must remove keyword negative keywords because Google Ads does not have this functionality. And - it is important to specify negative keywords in all word forms, as well as to produce cross-minus one at the level of ad groups.

By the way, it’s interesting: in the Ads upload files, the negative keywords go in the same column with the keywords, simply indicated by the additional parameter as "Broad" / "Negative Broad".

  • Each system has its own character restrictions.

In addition to the fact that Google excludes exclamation marks in headlines and general calls to action like “click” and “click” (as some “directors” like it), the foreign platform has its own text volume requirements.


Google Advertising

Title 1

35 characters

30 characters

Title 2

30 characters

30 characters

Title 3


30 characters

Description 1

81 characters

90 characters

Description 2


90 characters

Display Link

20 characters

15 + 15 characters

Therefore, in order to facilitate the classic transfer of campaigns from Direct to Advords, there are a number of third-party solutions.

For example, you can use the eLama content advertising service to upload files adapted for Google Ads. It's free.

Or - a special converter (by reference to the Sheets - detailed instructions).

However, in the community of advertisers warn that this is an outdated tool. Indeed, last year, Google, together with Adlabs, developed a special campaign transfer service called “Teleport”.

About him and some others - on.

Moving a campaign from Yandex.Direct to Google AdWords (Ads) using special services

Yes, a bunch of "Direct.Commander - Excel / Sheets - AdWords Editor" significantly speeds up the transfer of campaigns, if you compare the method with manual rewriting of ads. But - there is no limit to perfection. In order to facilitate the work of entrepreneurs, PPC specialists and internet marketers, special services have been invented.

One of them - Teleport - was created with the support of Google itself. It is free + gives a coupon of 3,000 rubles, if you are new to contextual advertising AdWords (Ads).

Campaign transfer is carried out in several stages:

  1. 1. Check and then download the file exported from the Yandex.Direct office (directly or with the help of the Commander).
  2. 2. Data Conversion - Teleport transforms the current advertising campaign in accordance with the requirements of Google Advertising. Plus, if necessary, the specialist can make their own adjustments.
  3. 3. Uploading the finished file, suitable for import into "Google Advertising".

"Teleport" transfers all important data: rates, match types, geo-targeting, UTM tags, updates, quick links, phone from the "Direct" virtual business card.

The service even deletes negative keywords if they conflict with key words. True, they still have to be inclined with the help of a third-party tool like "Morphology".

Important: Be sure to double-check the correctness of the campaign settings and other data before you start advertising. Do not rely 100% on the transfer service or the AdWords Editor.

By the way, there are other tools for moving campaigns from "Direct" to AdWords (Ads). If for some reason Teleport is not suitable, you can use Influence or Synapse Transfer. The last paid one, however, has an advantage over the others - it is able to incline negative words.

In general, there is not much difference between the services. And no tools are able to transfer campaigns from YAN to CCM.

P. S. What to look for when moving campaigns

- Manually rewriting ads from "Direct" in AdWords is at least a waste of time. And this is suicide when it comes to hundreds and thousands of ads.

- There is a classic transfer method: using Excel, AdWords Editor and - optionally - "Direct. Commander". This is a long time and you can easily get confused, but - an option for those who love "hardcore": to dig into the code, do everything manually, etc.

- Also, campaigns can be transferred using special services. Third-party tools seriously speed up and facilitate the work, but still they are not perfect. Some moments do not correct and do not notice, therefore - when transferring campaigns, you should always keep in mind the differences between AdWords and Direct.

- It seems everywhere contextual advertising, but the systems are different. So that:

  • Spell the word forms of negative keywords.
  • Do cross-minus one at the group level + delete negative keywords at the keyword level.
  • Consider character restrictions and match types.

And - it is better to combine low-frequency requests into more high-frequency requests in advance: the fact that it works fine in "Direct", in Ads can get the status of "few hits".

- You can edit the data wherever you like: in the "Direct. Commander" before uploading, in Excel before downloading or after - in the AdWords Editor itself. And - yes, in "Teleport" there is also a massive editing of ads.

Was the article helpful? Then we will be grateful for the share. And - write in the comments, if you need to continue - a guide to the transfer of campaigns from "Google Advertising" in "Yandex.Direct".

May the power of conversion be with you!

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