Learn to write better for 32 evenings: a selection of articles by Svetlana Kuznetsova

I was often mistaken when I started writing for Texterra in 2010. For example, in my texts "real estate became cheaper in Dubai", and there was still trouble with numerals. Texterra editor Svetlana Kuznetsova helped me deal with Dubai, numerals and other issues.

Svetlana no longer works at Texterre. But the blog has its publication. Below is a selection of the 32 most important, from my point of view, articles of the author. I am sure they will help many to deal with texts, content marketing, as well as business and life.

How to make cool lyrics

What should be the content for sites

I consider this material the most valuable instruction for authors. Here is a clear recipe for creating high-quality content.

17 tips for copywriters

Very simple and very effective tips. The most important for beginners is number 10. My favorite is number 13.

Signs of working and non-working content


"A good text is a thing in itself, the magic of its creation is not explained by anything except the mental and spiritual efforts of the author."

"There is only one proven way to say whether the text is good or bad - to read it and ask yourself the question: do I want to think about what I read?"

"Everyone can write in life at least one wonderful text - on a topic that he really cares about. And it doesn’t matter how many mistakes he makes in his article."

The most common mistakes copywriters

Super-useful material with analysis of specific errors. For example, I incorrectly singled out commas "to the same" until I read this article.

LSI copywriting: near-term trend

This article was written when SEOs shouted about keyword density, direct occurrences and high-frequency keys in link anchors.

What is text density

A very important article for those who want to write well. A few quotes:

"Good texts are not written with a swoop, they are first“ hatched ”inside, and only then - a keyboard solo."

"Emotionality in a dense text is extremely compressed and expressed in just a couple of exact words."

"A good text is not the one that is interesting for you to write, but often the one that is“ hatched ”by the ass and it is difficult.”

E-book "How to create web content"

Useful, relevant, free.

How does the intonation of the text affect its perception by the audience

Very interesting article about intonation in writing, the importance of intonation diversity in the text.

How to write better and better

Another collection of useful tips for authors from an experienced editor.

How to write a guide

Guide to create guides. Concentrated use.

50 malicious errors of copywriters

Here there are basic errors like "dress - wear" and "finish - finish", and there are mistakes that even experienced authors admit.

To help the editor

The role of the editor in improving the quality of texts

Article for beginners and continuing editors, as well as for business owners. If you are a businessman and have forgotten why to pay the site editor, welcome.

How to improve the efficiency of web editorial work


"A web copywriter who does not know how to edit, and an editor who is not able to write a good text, is an inadmissible luxury for a content agency or an editorial board for an Internet portal."

"To write a useful, sought-after and good text, no special literary talent is needed. All you need is a lively, flexible mind that can cast doubt on any stereotype."

Love your copywriters

This article is useful for editors and entrepreneurs. And the material will be even more useful for the copywriters themselves: + 1,000 points to self-assessment is guaranteed.

The role of the editor in the implementation of content marketing strategy

This is a triptych, so the links to the first, second and third parts. Practical recommendations for editing and implementing content marketing.

About content and marketing

In what cases content marketing will not help you.

This article is important information for those who invest in content marketing. There is also a case of unsuccessful implementation of content marketing.

How educational content increases traffic and sales

This is the ABC of content marketing.

Building a team to implement content marketing strategy

Another invaluable material from the practice. Content marketing is a team sport. An article on how to play as a team.

30 reasons, 40 things and 27 ideas for content marketers

These are three cool list articles for those engaged in internet marketing. Here are the links:

  • The reasons for the inefficiency of the content.
  • Important points for marketers.
  • Great ideas for development.

What will the cancellation of reference rankings

In 2013, old-school SEOs said that a small business would die due to the cancellation of reference rankings. VelikaPlaza said the market is moving in the right direction. Read the article and find out who sees the future better.

Don't make religion out of content marketing

Content marketing is one of the tools of integrated internet marketing. This is discussed in an article published in 2014.

How to call this new SEO

An article that instead of SEO, you need search marketing. Do you think this is irrelevant information? And here and there, in 2019 it is full of eccentrics who are trying to deceive the search engines and manipulate the issue, rather than marketing.

Why you should bet on large forms in content

A couple of quotes:

“A modern“ running person ”will stop and spend exactly as much of his time as is needed to read the material that arouses his interest.”

"It is much more productive to invest in deeply developed, excellent" large-caliber "content than to bet on increasing the number of materials of passing quality. The benefits of one good white paper are ten times more than twenty average articles."

About business and about life

Be a Jedi in Marketing

This article is not just about marketing. It is about the place of man in the world, about ideas and their implementation. Material makes you wonder.

Thoughts about the lack of information in the era of information noise

A very important publication for everyone who deals with content. Want to know how to maintain interest in your thoughts and ideas in the era of content shock? Answers in the publication.

How to overcome a personal crisis

An article for thinking people. Quotes:

"Any crisis is always a crisis of growth. And it is always existential. If it does not require a revision of the values ​​and foundations of life, then this is not a crisis, but something else. And you can calm down - this is the" other "cured by chocolate."

"Even one small crisis a day - even an empty one, at least as much as finding the right word in a sentence - will give you the necessary share of life drive."

Are your ideas about reality correct?

This is Buddhist material, no more, no less. Do you know how to disengage and look at yourself from the side? If not, read the article.

How to swim across the Pacific Ocean in 101 days

The article makes you think and inspire. And this is priceless.

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