How to write scripts to advertise on YouTube and how it differs from a fellow television

There are two differences between television and the Internet:

  1. On the Internet there is a choice.
  2. There is Vasya on the Internet.

We will call Vasya a person who can spoil your advertising campaign with one comment. It happens and vice versa - only thanks to Vasya your advertising is effective. How to create a script for advertising on YouTube, to attract Vas to your side, and will be discussed in this article.

How to write the script

The script is formed usually as follows: the sheet is divided into two columns. The left describes what is happening on the screen, the right - the sound part. For example:



Man surf the Internet. Sites are crammed with SEO advertising.

ZAKDERVY VOICE: SEO - rushing out of all slots.

This is suitable if the voice will be off-screen, but you can use the classic design when the image and sound are described alternately, and not in parallel:

A man sits on the couch and watches TV.

MAN: Though I can rest here from this optimization.

On TV show SEO agency advertising.

ZAKDROVRYY VOICE: SEO - found another gap.

It is not necessary to describe what is happening in the smallest detail. In the video chase, describe only its key points. The rest is the work of directors, decorators, cameramen, sound producers and other specialists.

If someone else will make the video for you, most likely all these people will be in a team (bloggers work independently). If you yourself - extra descriptions you do not need. At least in the script - it should be described only the development of the plot.

Try to make a minimum of remarks, because the actors do not see your script as you see it. And the director sees him wrong. And the operator. Therefore, do not give clear instructions on the work of each. Just describe what should happen as a whole. For a remark like "close-up on the face", they will not thank you.

Do not forget to consider the following factors:

  • product;
  • format;
  • timekeeping;
  • filing;
  • site;
  • actors;
  • audience.

Learn all this before writing the script. If you already have a brilliant idea, write it down so as not to forget. But in no case bring it to execution until you fully understand the topic - after launching an advertisement, something may emerge that will spoil the whole campaign.

Now we go through the points and see how it all differs on YouTube and TV. And we will not forget about Vasya's contribution.

Product around the head

First, examine for whom the product is intended, what are its advantages, why such a price, what raw materials are used in the production ... Having collected the information, you can understand how best to deliver the goods.

The product may be of poor quality. What then? For example, you are advertising smartphones. Launched advertising, goods sold on a huge scale. And then it turns out that they explode batteries.

Who do you think will be blamed? The correct answer is everyone: producers, advertisers, actors, vendors and all-all-all. Lenya Golubkova is still hated because of the pyramids. Probably even more than Mavrodi himself.

If you are a manufacturer, do something with quality. If you are just an advertiser, try to get around sharp corners, and for this you need to know them in advance.

Vasya can tell about his negative experience of using the product. If someone confirms his words, the advertising campaign can no longer be saved. The product will be remembered as something bad, the manufacturer and the advertiser - as liars.

You can be accused of lying, even if you just keep silent about significant shortcomings. Therefore, do not try to please everyone - you can tell about a minor flaw. Yes, you will lose those for whom it was important that your knife was cut through by a titan, but gain the trust of others.

Possible formats

It is advisable to use several formats at once, but not on the same site. Suppose you can come up with short inserts at the beginning, middle, or end of videos on several YouTube channels. On another release a review.

In no case do not advertise anything on the viewing channel in the form of inserts or something like that - Vasya can accuse the browser of corruption. Vasya does not want advertising, he wants to know the truth about the product.

Here are some formats:

  • Stocked inserts. Distracts the viewer from the main content. Even if you write a great script for insertion, other formats will be more efficient with the same amount of effort. Analogue on television - commercials. They have less timekeeping.

For example: Inserts - the main way of advertising on this channel. In this video, he smoothly moves from the main topic to advertising. The objections to legality and security are being closed. There is a dark side of the channel - inserts out of place and not on the topic of the video.

  • Integration. This includes everything - from a direct call by a blogger to buy something before a product placement. This could be the phrase "the video is sponsored by company X" or "I bought Y mascara at a discount, you can also" and so on. A classic television example: in a cooking show, the chef recommends the same oil to everyone and uses it himself. If such an advertisement for bloggers is not too intrusive, then it works well.

Despite the fact that “vud” inserts a preroll from Aviasales in almost every video clip, it has integrations in some videos. For example, in an interview with Yevgeny Bazhenov. In his videos, he uses a smartphone and reads questions from it. In this video you can see that the smartphone is red. The video does not say where this smartphone comes from, but there is a link in the attached comment (without a call to action). The disadvantage is that in the next interview he uses the old smartphone again.

  • Exclusives. Movies are fully advertised. For the Internet, the format is controversial, because the audience does not want to watch pure advertising. Only if the movie is really unusual and interesting.

For example, advertising the Super Nintendo console. In the video, he causes nostalgic feelings to his audience, so the likelihood that someone will click on the link is great.

  • Reviews. On television, reviews are not so widespread. In the TV shop can demonstrate the goods, but not a word about the shortcomings. There are many reviewers on YouTube, and the format itself is interesting for users. If you are going to order a review, just send your product to the thematic blogger - he will do everything himself.

For a change, look at the review of the guitar. What is in the review: description of the characteristics, checking the sound. Conversion of the video - 100% (only one copy was sold).

Vasya has something to say on each of these formats. If you know what touches Vasya, you can prevent possible conflicts with the audience.

Prepared inserts do not like Vasya, because they distract. Viewers are either neutral or negative. Vasya can say something about this, but his words will change almost nothing. The clips will still look, and the inserts will remain somewhere in the subconscious (in marketing, this is called a touch).

Integration annoys Vasya only if done carelessly or too often flash. The best integration is one that is almost imperceptible. Not so that the viewer did not see the product, but in order not to understand whether it was paid for. If a blogger uses a tablet of the same brand in videos, then no one should see it with a competitor's tablet.

“Be your best buyer yourself. As far as possible, use only those products that you sell. Your buyers will certainly think:“ If the seller himself is satisfied with this product, this is the best recommendation. ”

"Sell yourself expensive," Joe Girard.

Bring the topic to the product you need smoothly. This is not a television show, where the leaders say prepared and unfunny jokes:

- Something I have a headache ...

- Headache? It's time to drink the pill "Ge" and listen to the new song of Ivan Petrov!

Exclusives - top "zashkvara". Vasya will never forgive you if you make a full commercial. The only thing that can appease him is creative. It’s impossible to do everything in a nativka, because in exclusives they usually say directly what they want from the viewer.

The review should be honest. Vasya can write that he used the product and that he is not as good as the blogger says. Or he may read the reviews and tell him that the browser has deliberately kept silent about some significant flaw. In addition, the blogger should not encourage the audience to buy. Otherwise, Vasya will understand that the review is purchased - he will no longer trust after that.

How much can you put up with it

The duration of the video depends on the format. The best option is not to bother the viewer, but to fully disclose the offer. You must have time to show the benefits of potential customers in a short time.

Inserts are the shortest. They can go from 3 to 10 seconds, because then they get tired. During this time, you need to give maximum specific information.

Integration may be shorter, but around them sometimes the whole movie spins.

When advertising is too long (then a short version was removed)

Exclusives can be as long as you want. But the viewer should be interested to watch, otherwise he will just close the tab or turn on another video. Do not forget that there should be a dynamic in the commercials. If you have never written scripts, it will be easier for you to compare this with the alternation of sentences of different lengths. In this five, in that - seven. Different designs. Different forms. And then again a long sentence to keep the reader on their toes. If the entire text is filled with sentences of the same length, it will be difficult to read it. But we are not talking about that.

The reviews have the largest timing. Here you can not bother at all and tell everything about the product. The main thing - feed.

Musical accompaniment

You can achieve the dynamics not only due to the video series, but also thanks to the sound. Feel free to embed music.

Many people like this scheme: a minor part on some instrument, most often it is a piano, the melody gradually turns into a major (fun) or simply accelerates. What happens on the screen in the meantime: the problem of the viewer is indicated, and then its solution is given in the form of a product.

About the same: first sad, then the melody becomes more aggressive. Pause. Merry notes.

Another example: Soothing music gradually dissolves into aggressive (transition from good to bad). Then the pacifying music begins again (the hero took advantage of the product, which solved his problems). Favorite technique in advertising drugs.

As you already understood, the dynamics of music should correspond to the dynamics of the narration. There are videos, when at first there is no music, and then something fun begins. Most often this happens in advertising food or drinks.

There are videos at all without changing the dynamics. But this is better avoided (both in music and in the plot), because it is boring to watch such stories. The story should move from good to bad, from bad to good. You can pump (from bad to worse or from good to better), but not more than two times and with the obligatory reversal of polarity.

Remember how you came to the cinema for a movie. You get acquainted with the hero-loser, and then show that his life becomes worse: they dismiss him from work, his wife leaves, betrays a friend, smash a car, falls into rain. You are sitting and waiting for something interesting to start, because moving in one direction is tiring. Constant plot twists, on the contrary, are kept in suspense.

Why keep the viewer on their toes? So that he watched the video from the beginning to the end, otherwise you will not have time to explain the advantages of your product.

Which channel to choose

Of course, thematic. It is as clear as day. But there is trouble - there are bloggers without a specific subject. You can order a review of your technology from a blogger who specializes in technology reviews. But what to do, if on the channel tops of all in a row or different news?

Here you will need to try to insert advertising in place. This may be a one-time integration. For example, you ask a blogger to highlight the news about your product. This will only work if it is really news, and not information a hundred years ago.

If these are some tops, you can ask to put the product in the first place. But remember, Vasya does not sleep. The product must really have advantages over competitors.

There are other types of channels:

  • comedians (the whole movie is one big advertisement in which the characters understand that they are inside the advertisement),
  • letplayshchiki (most of them live off donations, but this one advertises games and game purchase services),
  • critics (the camera was used for the shooting, so the audience sees the product in action),
  • vlogery (as in the video you should not do - earn bad fame) and so on.

For each, you can think of a way to successfully insert advertising.

Actors on television and the Internet

As you may have guessed, the best effect can be achieved when it is not clear that this is an advertisement. Therefore, hiring other actors for filming is not worth it. Enough blogger and his team, if there is one.

If the choice is limited to a couple of people, you will have to adjust the script for them. If you doubt that a blogger can pull out an acting game that you need, do not write anything supercomplex. Consider what role is best suited for a blogger and build on this.

For television, they usually hold castings and choose from hundreds of actors. During a commercial break from watching a movie, Tom Cruise does not advertise crackers. This is done by some left-wing characters who were not in the film. And a blog is a one-man show.

Lecture hall

Bloggers working in the same direction may have a different audience.

Do not think that since you are writing an ad for a flyer, its audience will consist of schoolchildren. Try to carefully examine the channel before starting to write. Maybe this blogger and his audience don't suit you at all.

Imagine that both bloggers are reviewing phones. But the audience of the first one has money to buy it, while the audience of the second does not.

Virus rolls

Most often, the virus becomes original exclusives. If a video clip that integrates your product becomes viral, that’s good too.

When users are so interested in watching advertisements, that they share a video clip on social networks or tell friends when they meet or by phone, those who watch themselves deliver videos, which makes them look like an infection. Hence the name.

There is no exact formula to make a movie viral, but there are a couple of tips. First, be sure of what you are doing. Secondly, go to the end. Thirdly, provoke.

They created an ad for OldSpice ("Yes, I'm on a horse!") Clearly wanted to make it viral. And still many people remember her.

Viral videos have a drawback - sometimes the feed is so unusual that the movie itself is remembered, and not the product. For example, advertising notebooks MSI. The video became viral, but who remembered the brand name? Especially, if I saw him for the first time.

Sudden turnaround

Many bloggers will refuse to play according to your scenario. There may be two reasons: either they invent scenarios themselves, or they cannot realize what you are asking for. You can trust a professional blogger, but if you are in doubt that he will cope, try to convince.

If it does not work out, ask the script in which he will shoot the video. If you don't like it, look for either a more professional blogger or one who agrees to your script.

Useful tips

Now that you have taken into account all the factors, you can start writing the script. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Avoid stamps. Most likely, you simply will not have time for them (which is even good).
  • Maximum specific information. Better in numbers.
  • Only truth. Big brother Vasya is watching you!
  • Do not count on a huge budget and Hollywood special effects. Remove the blogger will be on its own, so focus on the plot.
  • Touch on a topic that is close to the selected audience.
  • Try using trends. For example, recently the whole YouTube was filled with videos about the battle Oxxxymiron vs. Dizaster. How would you use it in advertising? “We are ripping competitors like Oxxxymiron Dizaster” or would they ask a blogger to make a video on a battle theme and put a thematic advertisement there?

At last

Just do not think that Vasya - the king and god. He can spoil everything, but only if everything is critical with the product or advertising. Therefore, do not be afraid of him and experiment boldly. Go to the provocations, do something completely unusual or even disgusting, scare, amuse the viewer to tears. In general, do not lisp and do not worry too much. By clipping wings to your idea, you risk appearing insincere.

Do not pay attention to the trolls. They will write negative comments anyway. If you have enough imagination, try to come up with an original answer (for example, a song written from negative comments). If not, ignore. Just do not miss the moment when your reputation falls beyond the line of no return, otherwise you can get it - a song about an airline that refused to pay for a broken guitar.

Хотя иногда и это бывает на руку.

Good luck!

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