30 bookmarklets useful in the work of an internet marketer

A bookmarklet (or otherwise a bookmark) is a regular browser bookmark, only instead of a link it has a small JavaScript code. The bookmarklet works on the same principle as browser plugins, only installed a little differently.

What are good bookmarklets?

  • They save time
  • They are easy to use.
  • They are universal for all browsers.
  • They can perform quite complex functions.

We offer you a selection of the best bookmarklets that can speed up and greatly facilitate the work of an internet marketer.

1. Page index

Allows you to check in seconds whether the page is indexed in Google or not. Also with the help of this bookmarklet you can immediately look at your snippet, evaluate the title, description and other elements.

2. Index for the week

Shows which site pages are indexed in Google in the last 7 days.

3. Site Index

Shows all pages indexed in Google and their approximate number. It is useful in the analysis of competing sites.

4. Micromarking

In one click, you are taken to Google’s webmaster panel “Structured Data Verification Tool” section, where you can see how the page is displayed in the output, and verify that the micromarking code is correct.

5. PR pages

Shows the PR of the page you are on.

6. Download speed

The fastest way to test page loading speed and get recommendations for improving it.

7. Google Trends

Shows the dynamics of the popularity of searching by the domain of the site. Allows you to add search queries and compare their popularity with each other.

8. View cache

Goes into the Google cache and takes out a snapshot of the page that was taken the last time a search robot visited a page. Thus, using this bookmarklet you can view the page, even if it is not loading or loading too slowly. Also with it, you can track changes that have occurred on the page recently.

9. Site history

Lets see how the site you are on looked like in the past.

10. How many words

Counts the number of words and characters in the selected part of the text.

11. 0) {} for (i = 0; iMetagies

Provides complete information about the metadata of the viewed page: title, description, keywords, Twitter cards, Open Graph, etc.

12. Headers

Highlights all headers (H1-H6) on a page with different colors.

13. Nofollow

Selects on the page all links with nofollow attribute.

14. External links

Creates a list of all external links that are on the page.

15. External / Internal Links

All external links are highlighted in blue, and internal - in red. That allows you to quickly navigate to sites with a large number of links.

16. From text to link

Changes anchor text to a link.

17. Robots.txt file

Instant access to the file robots.txt site where you are.

18. Canonical URL

Shows the canonical URL and checks if it matches the URL you are on.

19. Entire JavaScript

Shows all the scripts that are used on the page.

20. Where did he come from

Shows from which site you moved to the page where you are now.

21. Delete cookies

One click removes cookies on the site where you are currently located.

22. Prototype

Turns the page of the site you are currently viewing into a prototype.

23. Pictures in viola

Makes it so that instead of images on the page displayed alternative text.

24. Hide images

Removes all images from the page.

25. Simple design

All text on the page is black and the background is white. Links colors in blue and purple.

26. Sort tables

Allows you to sort the columns of tables in alphabetical order (from a to z, and vice versa). Sometimes there are errors. when sorting from a to z, the letter "y" may precede the letter "o". What is the reason for me, unfortunately, is unknown.

27. Number of rows

Adds a sequence number to each row of the table.

28. Twitter Activity

Shows which site pages are most popular on Twitter. You can choose a different time period: hour, day, week, 10 days, 30 days and for all time.

29. Sharing

Shows how many times and in what social networks share the page where you are. There are all popular social networks, except Vkontakte.

30. Youtube Videos

Allows you to download videos from Youtube in various formats: MP3, iPod, FLV, MP4, AVI. It works not only on the site Youtube, but also on all other sites where there is a video from this video hosting.

A few words in conclusion

I translated all the names of bookmarklets into Russian so that, firstly, it was clear what function they performed, and, secondly, that they were more or less convenient to add to the bookmarks bar. However, if you do not like them or for some reason do not fit, you can change them at any time. In the "Opera" this is done with the right click on the tab - Properties. In Google Chrome - right click - Edit. In Firefox - right click - Properties. That's all. Good luck and productive work!

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