The main ways to earn decently in "Instagram"

Factories stand, some Instagram bloggers in the country ©

This is a joke, of course. And it’s not that the factories were in our country, but it’s definitely not worth denying the fact that it’s fashionable to make money through Instagram today and can be.

By the way, for this it is not necessary to become a blogger. In this article I will talk about the different (not always "clean") methods of making money on Instagram, and most importantly, about the approximate income from each type of such activity.

How to monetize Instagram if you're a blogger

Wikipedia does not know who the blogger is. But we are well aware of this without it. This is a person who broadcasts his life through social networks and makes money on it.

In my personal conviction, although I myself do not belong to bloggers, the profession is not simple. Every day, no weekends and holidays, you have to keep the attention of your subscriber. Some for the sake of this very attention are ready for many things - even to shoot themselves after 5 minutes after plastic surgery. And this, believe me, is still the most light.

The obvious advantage of the profession (I will call it that, although blogging is officially not considered a profession, of course) is income. A popular blogger (from a million subscribers and more) can earn from 200,000 to 2 million rubles a month solely from his account.

Earnings options:

  1. Direct and native advertising in posts and story.

Usually the blogger feels the promotional items and services. Like, look - it came to me / helped, it means that it will help you / fit.

This is one of the types of native advertising. About other types of details written in the article Victoria Kuchinov.

Price tags for advertising in the story and posts are different - from 5 to 200 thousand rubles. It all depends on the number of subscribers and coverage. Coverage is necessarily requested by advertisers, because it may turn out that there are a million subscribers, and coverage - by 2 thousand people maximum.

  1. Promotion of their courses (sports, training in the Internet, etc.).

Advertising revenue is unstable. Today is thick, tomorrow is empty. Therefore, some bloggers use their own account to promote personal online courses: from proper nutrition to learning to work on the Internet. A loyal audience is already there, you can not spend money on advertising with yourself. Solid pluses!

Daria Pidtergerya (@dasha_pit) is the author of copywriting training courses.

The first time Instagram was for me a source of customers with orders for texts. One text I cost 300-500 rubles. I could write 3-5 posts per day. Finding such customers is easy. Enough to keep your page and be active. Therefore, the strength of each copywriter to earn on the texts of at least $ 500-1500.

Then I realized that there were so many orders that I could not physically fulfill them. So I created my “Insta-texts from A to Z” course in order to share my experience with copywriters and help newcomers to make $ 1,000 of income. The course takes place 1 time in 2 months. On the stream, usually 40 people. I try not to take more to give everyone attention.

  1. Promotion of your own store.

Approximately the same story as with the courses. The blogger opens his own online store in Instagram and promotes it using his own account. Mostly sell cosmetics, jewelry and clothing. This is quite reasonable, if we consider that approximately 60-70% of Instagram users are women (data from the Instagram administrator’s D. Kudryashov’s book).

  1. Consultations.

An advertised Instagram account is an opportunity to promote yourself as an expert in a certain area and sell, including your own paid advice. Example: Christina Tips (@kristinas_tips) is an internet marketer, her consultation costs 4,000 r. per hour, per month sells from 10 to 30 paid consultations.

  1. Partnership programs.

This is also a kind of advertising on Instagram. Only a blogger receives money not for the fact of advertising, but as a percentage of sales of a product / service. Earnings vary greatly: from 10 to 200 thousand rubles for one affiliate sale.

So earns blogger Artem Tagirov (@chronoscore_tv).

Every month I get differently. But, contrary to stereotypes, people order not only cheap things. Hours for 200-300 thousand rubles - in the order of things. So my monthly earnings can be from 50 to 100 thousand rubles.

  1. The brand ambassadors.

Also subspecies advertising collaboration. But in this case, the blogger is paid not for one mention, but for constant cooperation with the brand. The duties of the blogger include regular mentioning of the company's products, visiting thematic events.

  1. Organization of contests, givov.

This way of making money on Instagram also applies to subspecies of advertising. Only a blogger promotes not a specific product or service, but other beginners or already promoted bloggers. The only goal is to transfer your own subscribers to the accounts of those who paid for participation in the giva. The cost of different bloggers - from 10 to 50 thousand rubles, the amount depends on the promised arrival.

Naturally, just like that, people will not subscribe to unfamiliar accounts, so the organizer of the giva arranges draws with valuable prizes - from trips to resorts to brand new smartphones. The steeper the gifts, the more willing people are to participate in the givas.

How much will the blogger-organizer earn on it? Tamara Bloom (@tomabloom) has from 300 to 700 thousand rubles "clean" from each nominal giva. But too often it’s impossible to hold such contests - the audience will get bored quickly.

How to make money without spinning yourself

Promotion of himself on Instagram, although it brings good dividends in the future, but requires serious cash infusions in the present. So, to promote your account to almost 500 thousand subscribers, Marina Boroda (@ took a little more than a year and about 50-300 thousand rubles to promote each month.

But you can earn on Instagram without self-promotion. Here are the most affordable ways:

  1. Promotion and maintenance of other people's accounts.

Lia Canary (@yyla) is engaged in the promotion of instagram accounts of clients.

I analyze the results of advertising campaigns (targeted advertising and placements with bloggers), make up content plans and follow the publication. Income from this work: 70-100 thousand rubles per month. The amount of income depends on the frequency of one-time projects or consultations.

Thanks to her work, the income from Instagram clients exceeds hundreds of thousands of rubles a month. At the same time, Lia herself has only about 1,000 subscribers.

For maintaining one client account (this includes writing and placing posts, chatting in comments) you can take from 15 thousand rubles a month.

  1. Writing posts, scripts for vayn.

Not all advertised bloggers can write beautiful selling text for their post or script video for Vains (funny videos for 1 minute, which are so popular today). They come to the aid of copywriters. Post for Instagram costs 300-1000 rubles, the script - from 2 to 5 thousand.

  1. Installation of short clips and story for Instagram.

Same story as with posts. Not every popular blogger has the time and strength to mount what he nasnimal on his go-pro or smartphone camera. Easier and faster to outsource. Video editors earn 1000-5000 rubles from one video clip. At the same time, promoting yourself on Instagram is not necessary.

  1. Earnings on likes, comments and subscriptions on Instagram.

This is the easiest, but not the most profitable way to make money on Instagram. Suitable for those who have a lot of time and a minimum of useful skills.

Those who wish are invited to register on a special exchange (,,, - there are so many of them), choose tasks, complete them and receive money. You can earn up to 1 000 rubles a day, while, however, without ever getting up from the computer. This also includes manual mass-folding and mass-liking - they pay little for it, it takes a lot of energy.

Orders for such exchanges missing

  1. Sales / online store on Instagram.

To administer someone else's online store, it is also not necessary to be a blogger promoted. The duties of a specialist include updating posts and responding to messages in direct. Earnings 15-30 thousand rubles a month plus bonuses for exceeding sales volumes (by agreement with the store owner).

  1. Selling art / photos to bloggers.

To surprise subscribers, you need to show them something non-standard and unusual. Beautifully processed photos - yesterday, today, art and stylized photos are gaining popularity. Their bloggers buy with pleasure.

  1. Mailings on user directives.

Direct mailing is a popular way to promote your product or service on Instagram. In demand, provides attention to a specific account of the customer.

Price for 10,000 messages - from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. Specialists use special senders-parsers to gather the right audience. If you master the parser, you can earn a monthly basis on the organization of direct mailings up to 50-100 thousand rubles.

A lot of orders on the eve of holidays, then turn to online shopping, mostly. They are our main customers, services are promoted less often.

  1. Blog design.

Another way to make money using Instagram without promoting your account. Thousands of new pages are created daily - this is a huge field for action. Price for design: from 2 to 10 thousand rubles (depending on the designer’s "coolness").

  1. Targeted advertising.

A great and terrible Instagram target is not that great and terrible. But not everyone wants to get in touch with him, that's why they hire advertising specialists. The services of such a pro cost from 2 to 10 thousand rubles (without the amount of the advertising budget). What does the targeting specialist do: find the target audience, set up the advertisement and monitor the progress. In this case, he himself may not promote.

In a month there can be 2-10 clients. This is a stable and fairly high income.

How much can you earn on Instagram

The income of a blogger from a promoted Instagram account can reach a couple million rubles a month. In this article, I deliberately do not mention pop stars, actors and other popular media personalities. Their earnings from Instagram are sometimes measured in tens of millions of rubles at the cost of a pumped-in name.

So Instagram can make:

  • blogger - from 100,000 to 2 million rubles,
  • not a blogger - from 10 to 150 thousand rubles.

I obtained this data by analyzing more than 200 accounts and communicating with nearly a hundred people who somehow make money on Instagram. Despite the fact that hundreds of new applicants come to Instagram every day for earnings, the incomes of those who are already "in the subject line" do not fall, but only grow!

The one who has a promoted account earns more, and the income of the "gray cardinals" is 5-10-20 times lower. Draw your own conclusions.

Dirty methods: from selling accounts to mass disliking

It would be wrong to keep silent about it, but on Instagram there are also so-called dirty (gray, black) earnings schemes. These include, in particular:

  1. Accounts sale. Sometimes hacked and stolen. The more subscribers, the more expensive the black market account. On average, from 500 to 10 000 rubles. When buying such an account, it is worth remembering that: a) he has an owner, who may soon be announced; b) activity in such accounts is usually zero.
  2. Cheat bots to increase the subscription mass. This is done by both special sites and individual "craftsmen" - I receive such offers in a weekly direct. Cheating subscribers does not lead to anything good, if only because it could be sanctions from the social network. In addition, sooner or later, boosted bots disappear: this is how Instagram’s defense mechanisms work. 1,000 wind-up subscribers will cost about 500-1000 rubles.
  3. Blocking someone else's pages. There is a competitor, and he really wants to annoy - so why not block it? Apparently, unscrupulous bloggers and insta owners think so. The cost of such a service is from 10 to 100 thousand rubles. The steeper the account, the more costly it will be to eliminate it. This is done by "specially trained" people, they break into the page and block it from the "inside" - usually placing information that is not suitable for Instagram.
  4. Mass Disliking. In Instagram and on this earn. This method is as follows: a certain number of users complain about a specific profile, photo or video on Instagram, and then it is blocked. Wins a competitor who ordered dislyking.

How to choose the best way to make money in Instagram: Harmless Tips

Now, when you practically know (practically because new ones appear almost daily) all the ways to make money on Instagram, there is plenty to choose from. To find the perfect way for yourself, remember:

  • The one who does the work with soul and the maximum responsibility earns decently. If the heart does not lie right here - it is better not to start.
  • Any way of earning requires certain skills - do not be lazy to take training courses in the chosen direction.
  • Every way to make money has its own "pitfalls" - talk to those who already offer such services, and ask them about the work in more detail. So as not to make round eyes and not to faint at the slightest difficulty.
  • In Instagram big money is spinning, but just because no one will give them. It is not enough to promote your account, you need to capture the maximum trust of subscribers - and this is already an art.

And keep in mind the words of Confucius: "Choose a job that you love, and you never have to work in your life." This also applies to Instagram!

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