Instagram accounts that inspire: 10 ideas for an entrepreneur

If at school you were taught that it is not good to write off, it is time to part with this conviction. Some Instagram accounts are worth spying on and even better.

Do you want to be radically different from your competitors or keep a personal blog on Instagram to please your friends? We are glad to present to your attention our selection for inspiration!


Link to account: Puravida

Number of subscribers: 1.2 million.

Description: account store selling boho bracelets. Simple strings with pendants from Pura Vida Bracelets have become extremely popular all over the world: you can even subscribe to them on the site! Brand philosophy: value in simple things, is reflected not only in the name (pura vida in Spanish means "pure simple life"), but also in the design of Instagram publications. Rate the unreal beauty of the content - unity with nature, harmony and minimalism.

Link to account:

Number of subscribers: 1.2 million.

Description: food blogger account. “Life is too short to eat boring food,” says a 17-year-old vegan from Lima. Jose makes these wonderful dietary desserts by himself - without dyes, using only natural ingredients. A vivid example of how good content follows talent and diligence.

Mr Porter

Link to account: Mr Porter

Number of subscribers: 1 million.

Description: an online men's clothing account with a million (!) subscribers. Instead of an assortment of events here from private parties, shows, street style - an account is devoted to men's fashion.


Link to account: Spielkkind

Number of subscribers: 287 thousand.

Description: Account illustrator and photographer from Germany. Kerstin draws his masterpieces and puts it on Instagram. Originals can be bought on her website, and in different versions and sizes. Monetization of art is a profitable business: one picture will cost you an average of 2.5 thousand rubles.


Link to account: Kweilz

Number of subscribers: 279 thousand.

Description: Another blogger account, this time a family one. A cool archive of very cool photos of food, children and the setting. Involvement of mad, Instagram-users praised the creativity of the family from Canada.


Link to account: Idolcidigulliver

Number of subscribers: 147 thousand.

Description: Another account dedicated to food. This time - sweets. If you do not know how to photograph the ordinary: confectionery can be very interesting. Especially if their photos are combined with educational texts.


Link to account: Ganordominic

Number of subscribers: 25.6 thousand.

Description: account online store Italian shoes, which is not boring. Here you will not see any price tags or classic selling posts, just a lot of unusual photos and sticky collages.


Link to account: Amorelie

Number of subscribers: 18,1 thousand.

Description: account sex shop. No deliberately sexy brunettes or vulgar playing up an intimate topic. An account is a vivid example of how you can look at relationships in bed in different ways. Gentle, funny and romantic photos.

Sam sebe kuturie

Link to account: Sam sebe kuturie

Number of subscribers: 4,2 thousand.

Description: account of the network of designer fabric stores in Moscow and Tula. The only Russian-language account in the collection, by the way. Not only sells fabrics and accessories, but also perfectly focused on its target audience. Collages with images for inspiration, the latest trends in the fashion industry and close, truly warm communication with your subscribers. Visually, photographs are selected according to the color tonality, it is pleasant to look at the account: each piece of the general collage bears in itself a separate and clear information. So no need to get annoyed that incomprehensible post trimming will flash in the tape.


Link to account: Mastercardukraine

Number of subscribers: 4,2 thousand.

Description: Ukrainian account of Mastercard payment system: "We show the usual things that can be purchased from Mastercard, and in fact invaluable moments that they give." Each photo is an interesting collage of ordinary things on a colored background. Cute and original.

Like our selection? We will be glad if in the comments you share your sources for inspiration.

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