Instagram Involvement: How to double ER (case)

Venue: Project and Issues

Customer: company selling furniture tours in China.

Furniture tour / escort to China is ordered by individuals or businessmen for the purchase of furniture, lighting, decoration materials, commercial equipment, etc., at no extra charge directly from manufacturers (in our case, Chinese furniture factories). The services of the operator include, as a rule, a transfer, a guide-interpreter, accommodation in a hotel, a trip to famous showrooms / furniture exhibitions in Guangzhou, Foshan, customs clearance and delivery of furniture straight to home.

The client has a website and Instagram account. Contextual advertising launched in Yandex.Direct.

Problem: No Instagram customers. The customer complains that the investment has been made, the number of subscribers is already more than 4000, and there are no transitions to the site and calls from this social network (according to Yandex.Metrica data).

Profile Analysis: In the online services Picaton and Findgram, we analyzed the quality of the Instagram profile audience (we will write below how this is done in detail). It turned out it leaves much to be desired:

  • client boiled bots;
  • Subscribers have the same business profiles;
  • many profiles, mass-trappers, who simply do not see the posts;
  • Subscribers do not have target customers;
  • account is not active, the engagement ratio (ER) is below 1%.

Based on the problems, the following solution was proposed:

Solution: first steps to improve the quality of the profile

In order to achieve transitions to the site and calls, it was decided to perform the following steps: analyze competitors and target audience, create a content plan, clear the profile from bots and non-targeted subscribers, drive live hot audience and increase the ER account.

No subscriber, only sales: no subscriptions are important, sales are important.

What we did:

  1. Translated into a business account to use the integrated statistics service;
  2. Put the utm-tag in the link to go to the company's website in the profile settings, so that you can track leads from Instagram;
Pre-link shortened when
  1. Made portraits of the target audience;

Let's give some selected segments for an example:

Woman, average age 29-40 years. A resident of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg and other regional capitals. Income: average, above average. Children: it does not matter. Occupation: not important. She can also sit in Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Facebook in groups about fashion, stylish interiors, etc. Psycho: aristocratic or wants to seem to her. Her problem: to buy expensive furniture from the designer, but cheaper, replicas of the same quality.

Woman with child, age from 18. A resident of a remote area (where there are no large furniture stores such as IKEA or Leroy Merlin). Income: average. Occupation: not important. Can also sit in mother's groups ("Classmates", "VKontakte"). Her problem: to buy cheap, but reliable children's furniture with delivery.

In the field of B2B: restaurateurs, merchants opening a restaurant, bar, club, cafe, cinema, etc. - any object that requires high-quality and stylish design. Design and architectural bureaus, construction companies and supply departments of all listed. Contracting organizations, district and district administrations. Their problem: to save on the purchase of furniture and get a stylish design according to the project.

  1. They made an approximate content plan for Instagram posts, which includes about 100 posts in three areas (the customer does the posts himself, lives in China and takes photos and videos to selected topics);

Interior Design

Furniture tour to China

Furniture from China, Guangzhou

1. Designer lighting

2. Country - country style

3. Loft-style furniture

4. Garden furniture for the cottage

5. Colonial style in the interior of the house

6. Furniture Universal furniture

7. Fusion style in the interior

8. Baroque style in the interior

9. Oriental style as a trend.

10. Myths about the "true European" origin of furniture from Europe

11. Palace style in the interior

12. The role of accessories in interiors

13. Designer Christophe Pillet

14. Minimalism in the interior

15. Egyptian style in the interior

16. Orange style in the interior

17. Scandinavian style in the interior

18. Country style in the interior

19. Oriental style in the interior

20. Architect Alvar Aalto

21. Baroque style

22. Designer fantasies in Italy

23. Furniture in the style of Art Deco

24. Designer of world renown

25. Barber Design School

26. How to choose a designer?

27. English style in the interior

28. Chebbi Chic Interior

29. Provence style

30. Chinese style in the interior

1. Air flight to Guangzhou

2. Visa to China

3. What are good furniture tours in Guangzhou

4. Travel support in the furniture tour

5. Overhead costs - logistics and customs

6. Additional furniture packaging

7. Virtual tour for furniture

8. Own logistics in China

9. Recommended hotels in Guangzhou

10. Furniture and leisure

11. Careful delivery of furniture from China

12. Delivery of furniture from China - a pleasant wait or a headache?

13. What is advantageous to carry from China?

14. How to deliver furniture from China

15. How much does it cost to bring furniture from China / Guangzhou?

16. Customs clearance of furniture from China

17. The choice of materials and quality control when ordering furniture in China

18. Furniture tour Guangzhou - profitable or not?

19. Useful rest: furniture tour to China

20. Why go so far? Five reasons to buy furniture in China

21. Going to China for furniture?

22. When to go to China for furniture

23. China: leisure or business: the choice is yours.

24. Tour to China for furniture - an unforgettable experience and tangible benefits.

25. How to transport furniture from China to Russia?

26. How to buy for yourself at wholesale prices?

27. Furniture damage upon delivery

28. Restoration of battered furniture

29. How to avoid furniture combat upon delivery?

30. Why do I need to insure shipment?

31. The minimum amount of furniture tour

32. What is unprofitable to buy in the furniture tour?

33. How much does the customer actually pay for the furniture tour?

34. What, in your opinion, is the commission relevant for the furniture tour?

35. What is the cost of a furniture tour for two people for 5 days?

36. Why do people not write reviews about the furniture tour?

37. Conclusion of a contract for furniture tour and its strength

38. In China, behind furniture econom - is it profitable or not?

1. How to relieve fatigue after selecting furniture

2. Buying building materials in China

3. Can there be excellent quality at the price of materials and work?

4. How real premium China is cheaper than Italy?

5. What is the maximum discount on furniture markets in China?

6. How to buy furniture for a hotel in China

7. Furniture factories under Guangzhou

8. Shenzhen - the center of home decor

9. Foshan - the city of ceramics and sanitary ware

10. Shunde - the city of furniture

11. Güzhen - the city of light Gujzhen

12. Famous Canton Fair

13. Furniture for hotels from China

14. Showroom in Guangzhou

15. Furniture and equipment for restaurants from China

16. Furniture Showroom in Guangzhou

17. Office furniture from China

18. High-quality copies of famous brands in China.

19. Italian furniture in China

20. City of Light in China

21. Fabrics and textiles in China

22. Why is it profitable to buy furniture in China

23. Furniture in modern style from China

24. Travel to China: leisure or business?

25. Buying lamps and chandeliers in China - real savings

26. How to choose a sofa in China?

27. Replicas of famous furniture brands

28. Legends and myths about the cheapness of Chinese furniture purchased independently.

29. Furniture manufacturing in China, trends and prospects

30. The largest shopping and furniture centers of China

31. Results of the furniture exhibition in Guangzhou

32. The tradition of manufacturing luxury furniture in China

33. Furniture factories in China

34. Furniture in Foshan and Guangzhou

35. Bargaining like a ritual in China

  1. We were engaged in cleaning the profile from bots and increasing involvement.

Why was it decided to work on engagement (ER)?

The fact is that on Instagram we must treat likes without fanaticism, since this action takes place among many subscribers on the machine (do not forget about mass-liking, which is practiced everywhere). Let me remind you that mass-liking is a mass affixing (usually automatic - using special scripts / services / applications) to the posts of your Central Asian.

To increase the number of leads, it is much more important to collect targeted comments than just the number of sherov and likes. What are targeted comments? These are questions of your audience about the product, service under the post. Very specific: "Are there other colors?", "How much does it cost?", "Where to look?", "Is there delivery?" etc.

There is no indicator for tracking the number of targeted comments, unfortunately.
But there is a main indicator for tracking the total number of comments on posts - this is the ER, the standard for evaluating the effectiveness of content policy and communication on the site. I have already mentioned the involvement rate in the article “Brains against sex: a short experiment on the promotion of the Vkontakte group”. For different social networks ER can and should be calculated differently. Therefore, the following formula was used to calculate ER:

(number of likes + number of comments) / post coverage

Hypothesis: increased engagement (ER) account will bring us leads to the site.

Tricks to improve your Instagram account

1. Assess audience reach

What is reach? This is the distribution of your subscribers by the number of their subscriptions. Does the user have more than 500 subscriptions? His tape is becoming less reachable. To analyze the reach of the audience, use the Russian-language Picaton service (if the account has less than 1000 subscribers, the analysis will be free):

Picaton Chart Interpretation:

  • Easy - Instagram users with no more than 500 subscriptions. See your posts more often than others.
  • Soft - Subscribers with the number of subscriptions from 500 to 1000. Sometimes they can see your publications.
  • Hard - The number of subscriptions the user has from 1000 to 2000. You are very lucky if your publication will be noticed.
  • Unreachable - more than 2000. As a rule, these are business accounts that have subscribed to you using mass-trading. They don't watch their tape at all. If there is no reciprocal subscription, they will be deleted later.

(you can do similar work in LiveDune)

Now you can guess what percentage of your account audience sees your new posts. Even if your subscriber is a living person, how great is the chance that with outgoing subscriptions above 1000 he will see your publication in the tape? We will consider such "dead souls", along with bots.

2. Blocking "dead souls" and bots

So, a large number of outgoing subscription subscriber reduces our reach and involvement. Therefore, we analyzed our audience in the FindGram service in order to exclude later "dead souls" and bots from the list of subscribers. FindGram is a separate powerful tool for parsing an Instagram audience. While he is in beta testing, but the work we need does well.

We used a filter for all those with over 1000 subscriptions. You can apply any other filters and collect detailed statistics for your account audience.

Why was the list checked with pens? Among the subscribers are well-known designers who practice mass-folding, so I did not want to block them. The saved list can be sent to the Instaplus Russian paid service for subsequent blocking:

I like this bundle, but there are other convenient services that can immediately block your subscribers by the specified settings - for example, or Zengram (automatically offers cleaning from commercial accounts and bots).

Madness - delete your subscribers, huh? There is one rule that allows you to keep coverage at the beginning of the sweep:

To ensure that the coverage does not fall, try to keep the number of blocked bots fewer attracted by new subscribers.

3. Parsing a hot audience

In parallel with the stripping of "dead souls", it was necessary to attract new subscribers! The accounts of the competitors for parsing were indicated to us by the client. We checked their accounts for activity using the Popsters service. In Popsters, you can find out the ER of each record or even compare the activity for a week or by the hour as a percentage of different accounts.

To see the competitor's ER profile, enter the link to his account (URL):

After we selected accounts with a high level of engagement, we spars an active audience that comments on these profiles.

To do this, we specified links to these accounts in FindGram. You can also specify keywords in the search to find profiles from which you need to collect commenting subscribers.

After collecting the active users, it will be necessary to upload the list to Instaplus for massfollowing and masslisting. Go in, select the "Create a new list" command or select an already loaded one, and set up a filter according to the parameters we need:

I also recommend making a list of stop words, such as stock, delivery, etc., in order not to subscribe and not like commercial accounts.

Remember! Massfollowing and masslayking are referred to as "gray" methods of promoting an account. Therefore, for mass-trailing and mass-locking, you should use reliable, proven services that do not automatically block your account. You, by the way, can be blocked even if you like / subscribe manually - if they suspect that they are excessively active.

Attention! The use of any third-party programs is prohibited by the Instagram user agreement, act at your own risk!

4. Properly use hashtags

The abandonment of popular hashtags is obvious - this is a favorite habitat for various bots. Use these no more than 5 per post, be sure to try to use the original hashtags - branded or narrow for individual segments of Central Asia.

The same hashtags in each publication will not bring you much benefit, try to use different sets. I usually make them in a notebook in advance, a few packs. Then in the auto-posting program from the computer I add to the planned posts.

Try to use from 10 to 30 hashtags to increase coverage. If you are afraid that too many subscribers will be scared away, check their reaction - try launching posts with different numbers of hashtags and see.


And now to the results. I’ll just say that at the time of the experiment, no action was taken except posting: we didn’t advertise, mass-folding and mass-linking were applied to such a small number of profiles, which can be guaranteed - the involvement in the whole business account and in individual posts grew thanks to receptions. And of course, although it is very difficult to track it down:

The real benefit of subscriber engagement for a brand is more important than a scorecard!

Before work: The involvement of posts leaves much to be desired, there are no calls and transitions to the site.

After cleaning: Coverage has begun to fall, involvement is growing, comments appear in the profile, our posts start to keep.

Total: Plus 1 call and 7 transitions to the site for a week and a half of work.

Work on the quality of the account is from March 20, and for a week and a half brought 1 application for the tour. At the time of publication of this case (i.e., a month later) applications from “Instagram” are already 3. It can be stated that the hypothesis was confirmed.

So, the time when advertisers / bloggers / business owners were interested only in the number of subscribers or likes was gone. Today we have to spend money on communication with subscribers more than on their set. Therefore, a high level of involvement of your audience in the life of the profile should be a new goal of promotion in any social network.

Watch the video: 25 Most DISTURBING ER Stories (February 2020).


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