Why the site is not promoted and how to correct this situation: 25 recommendations

It happens like this: you bought and set up a CMS correctly, publish something regularly, make noise on social networks, get external links by hook or by crook, but there is no result. The traffic does not grow, the conversion rate is low, the bounce rate is high, no deals are made. In short, the site is not moving. In this article, you will learn why this is happening and how to fix it.

The site is fully consistent with the technical requirements of search engines, but the results of the promotion do not satisfy you? Most likely, the problem lies in the information component of promotion: users and search engines do not like your content. Below you will find a description of the reasons for this situation, as well as a list of recommendations for solving the problem.

Reason number 1. You are in too much of a hurry.

If you created the site less than six months ago, stop reading this article. (We wrote about the difficulties of promoting young sites here). It is better to write and publish any review. But if the site is more than a year old, and the result of promotion does not suit you, then the material is for you. Please note that we are talking about a year since the start of regular publication of content.

If you still can not wait and you have already published the content planned for today, use the following recommendations to speed up the promotion:

  1. Once again, make sure that the site meets the technical requirements of search engines. Pay attention to the reports of problems in the Yandex and Google webmasters' offices, make sure that your resource is conveniently viewed on the screens of mobile gadgets, check the correctness of the site map settings and populate the robots.txt file.
  2. Pay attention to the promotion in social networks. Stimulate users to subscribe to your pages, publish announcements of articles, participate in discussions, play prizes.
  3. Ask a reputable expert in your industry to share your material. One successful repost can bring you hundreds of visits and dozens of subscribers.

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Reason number 2: you are fighting windmills

If you work in a competitive niche, it will be difficult for you to gain the trust of your audience, to receive and convert traffic. Of course, content marketing works wonders and allows David to defeat goliaths. The problem is that in some areas of business dozens and hundreds of David work and publish high-quality content, and goliaths hire entire editorial offices that are engaged in content marketing.

Can you win if you write at night and work with clients during the day? Yes, if you do not try to pierce the wall with your forehead. Follow the recommendations:

  1. Create and publish content that your competitors almost never use. Do they write articles and reviews? Take a video. Do they make mind blowing infographics or publish white papers with large scale research results? Offer customers practical tips and entertainment content. Find a way to stand out. By the way, this does not relieve you from having to write articles and publish infographics.
  2. Openly share information. Tell the truth about the product and business, share successes and failures with the audience. Do not try to sell at any cost. Users are not looking for promotional materials. They need objective data on the merits and demerits of the goods and services in which they are interested.
  3. Write for your target audience. Segment the market, select the user groups that are most likely to be your customers. Examine their information needs. Consider them when creating a content plan.
  4. Focus on content quality. Your publications should have expertise.

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Reason number 3: You invest too little in content creation.

We are talking about different types of investments: financial, temporary, intellectual. For example, if you write yourself, do not count on success if you create articles while traveling in the subway. If you donate content creation to outsourcing, do not be surprised at failures when ordering cheap rewriting on exchanges. Do not complain if you work with templates, and all creative efforts are directed at fighting the orcs from computer games. The following tips will help you fix the situation:

  1. If you write on your own, be prepared to invest your energy, time, creativity, health in the content. You write for yourself, so do not be lazy to deeply study the topic, explore the audience, spend time on details. If you donate content creation to outsource, be prepared to invest money.
  2. Hire a designer who will ensure the visual appeal of your publications. You need a professional who can handle photos, create collages, make infographics, draw up reports and white paper.
  3. Be prepared to pay a site technician. To fasten a commenting form, fix the header, check compatibility with different browsers, make sure that you can view on small screens - these are some tasks that the specialist you need will solve.

Reason number 4: You chose the wrong tactics.

It is not your fault. Just content marketing appeared a few years ago. And it only appears in runet. Today's content strategists are just learning, because just yesterday they were journalists, optimizers and marketers. You will have to improve the tactics and strategy to move on the go. The following tips will help you with this:

  1. Shorten the tactical planning horizon. If you made a content plan for the month, plan your publication for two weeks in advance. More often analyze the effectiveness of tactics used and change them. At the same time adhere to the chosen strategy.
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy every six months. You can’t say for sure that video content isn’t working, and user guides give you traffic and customers if you don’t track the results for long enough.
  3. Set the goals of website promotion, focusing on the basic metrics of Internet marketing. Determine what the site traffic should be in a month, how many percent the bounce rate should fall, how the conversion rate will change.
  4. Do not chase the number of publications. If your competitors publish three articles every day, do a video review twice a week and offer an e-book to users once a month, this does not mean that you need to by all means create the same amount of content of different types. Focus on what is in the first place demanded by the audience. Regularly publish quality content.
  5. Bet on large forms of content. Of course, you can hardly publish a book every week. But you can offer the audience detailed articles with deep immersion in the topic. Founder of KissMetrics Neil Patel recommends publishing articles of at least 500 words or 4 thousand characters. This is the minimum minimum. Be better guided by 1000 words or 8 thousand characters. Just do not fall into the trap: it is not about the pursuit of volume, but about the need for deep immersion in the subject.

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Reason number 5: you publish low-quality content

Poor quality content is one of the most common reasons for unsuccessful promotion. Moreover, it is difficult to expect success if you offer mediocre content to the audience. Before proceeding to the recommendations, check out the video and read the article about the quality of content.

  1. Your content should solve problems, meet the information needs of users, and answer customer questions. Do you sell insurance services? Describe how to choose the conditions of a hull insurance or a voluntary medical insurance, what nuances to pay attention to when settling an insured event. Treat varicose veins? Explain to patients that they will have to decide on an operation or wear compression knitwear all their lives. Become a teacher for your audience. And do not forget about the foundation of the quality of the content: no errors and readability.
  2. Find sources of inspiration. These should be sites and blogs that you like. You do not need to blindly copy the leaders. Try to creatively recycle their ideas and approaches to work.
  3. Hold webinars and post entries on the site. First, the video will attract additional traffic to the site. Secondly, it will dramatically increase your expert level. You remember that expertise is the main criterion for the quality of content.

Reason number 6: you do not promote content

For content to promote your site, you need to speed up the content. Use the following guidelines:

  1. Choose social networks that are popular with your target audience. Create groups or public pages in them and attract subscribers. Announce publications in social networks.
  2. Use UTM tags to track the impact of SMM campaigns on content performance.
  3. Ask your employees, relatives and friends to join a group or subscribe to your page. Also ask them to repost content announcements.
  4. Advertise content in contextual advertising systems "search engines". Use remarketing to return users familiar with your company to the site.
  5. Advertise content on Facebook and other social networks.
  6. Use guest blogging to increase reach and attract new users.
  7. Keep an email list. With the help of letters it will be easier for you to return to the site of users who once became interested in your publications.

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The site does not advance because of the content.

Rather, due to the lack of content, its poor quality, inconsistency with the expectations of the audience, irregular publications and other problems. To solve this problem, develop an effective content strategy and adapt tactics to the needs of your potential customers. Publish content regularly and have patience. Of course, this is true if you are sure that the resource is in compliance with the technical requirements of the “search engines”.

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